The following tips will help you have a healthy and lasting relationship with your new mattress.

Provide a good frame

Making sure to use a sturdy, high-quality bed frame is the first step in caring for your new mattress. Uneven or broken bed frames can damage your new mattress. For a queen-or king-size mattress, make sure your frame has a strong centre support that will prevent the mattress from bowing or breaking. We don’t force you to buy a new base or frame, but we do ask you to support your mattress so it can support you. If you use a slatted bed frame, ensure that they are no more than 55mm apart, and evenly distributed.

Smells like new

All mattresses have slight smell when they are new. Just let it breath. Keep it uncovered and well ventilated overnight. A breath of fresh air should do the trick. 

The Honeymoon stage

Your new mattress may feel different from your old mattress and may take some time for your body to become accustomed to the different comfort and support level that it offers. Give it some time and you and your mattress will adjust to each other. It’s a match made in heaven.

Rotate it

Rotate you mattress from end to end to keep it in tip top condition, ideally every four to six weeks. Don’t waste your energy in flipping your new mattress, though. It is a non-flip mattress.

Warning: Look out for your back. Never turn your mattress alone. It is a job for two.

Don’t mind the impression

Most of us tend to sleep in the same position every night. Body impressions are therefore normal. This is just your mattress “getting to know you”. The upholstery fillings will settle and dip in the area where you sleep, which can leave a ridge in the centre of the mattress (more noticeable in larger mattresses). Rotating your mattress regularly as indicated above will help wear the mattress evenly.

Cover it up 

A good-quality, washable mattress protector is a must to keep your mattress fresh and free from stains. It also protects your mattress from dust mites and allergens. Oh, and never cover your mattress with plastic sheets, even when storing it. Condensation will ruin your lovely mattress.

Don’t get board

Never put a board between the mattress and bed frame. It may enhance the sense of support for a while, but it will only make the problem worse over time. If you feel like your bed needs a board for extra support, it means it’s time to get rid of it and get a new mattress.

Out with the old

Now that you’ve treated yourself to a new mattress, arrange to have your old one removed and disposed of responsibly. Don’t give it to kids, relatives, guests or neighbours or try to donate it to a charitable organization. If it wasn’t good enough for you, it isn’t good enough for anyone else. Throw it out!

No, your matress is not possessed 

Before calling an exorcist, note that the noises and creaks usually originate from the bed frame, headboard or footboard. Remove mattress and check the frame in several locations to locate the creaks. Tighten some nuts and bolts. If something is broken, it is time to buy a new frame.

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